Who’s Tracking My Ip Address?

Can the Authorities and Cyber-criminals Really Track my IP Address? The IP Police Can!

It’s not so bad that the IP police may be tracking my IP address, but if they can, that means cyber-criminals can track my IP address too. That makes me want to hide my IP address. Tracking your IP address is very possible. The anonymity of the Internet is a thing of the past for the average couch surfer. It isn’t very hard for the IP police to discover the identity of the typical Internet user. When it comes to tracking your IP address, there are effective methods that can be used. Malicious state hackers are not the only ones that are being tracked using their IP addresses.

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A large percentage of average consumers often partake in illegal activities, many times not realizing it is illegal. With all the advanced technologies like 5G wireless, it takes only a few minutes to download an entire movie. Deep down they may know it’s illegal but don’t understand how the IP police are tracking IP addresses.

There are Several Reasons People Download Illegally

Everyone loves something for free. They forget that nothing is really free, it’s not just for the taking. All products and services are created by someone. These products and services provide value to users. It’s only fair that the creator should be compensated in some manner in exchange for the use. Here are some reasons some people are willing to allow the tracking of their IP addresses in return for freebies.

  • Music and Movies for Free – The reasoning is why pay $12 dollars to see a movie that you can download for free from the Internet. Why purchase music when it’s available for free.
  • Other Stuff – There is practically anything that can be digitized available for free somewhere on the Internet. People steal software, books, video games, and other copyrighted things. They exercise total disregard for copyright laws.

You must own, or be the creator, to download these things legally. Just because I’m at a public library, or at a Starbucks, doesn’t mean someone is not tracking my IP address. If you use legal streaming services then there is no reason to hide your IP address. Or is there. I don’t like the idea of someone tracking my IP address, even if I am 100% legal.

You’re Downloading Legally, Should I Hide My IP Address?

Some reasons to avoid the tracking of my IP address and why I should hide my IP address.

  • Keep Companies From Tracking You – Companies are tracking your IP address to serve you relevant advertisements. When my IP address is being tracked for any reason I find it intrusive. You don’t have to allow it. You can hide your IP using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Ivacy VPN. This also hides your IP address so the company does not know where the searches are coming from.
  • Make Your ISP Mind Their Own Business – In the United States, there are no regulations that keep your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from tracking your IP address and your activities. There are times when you may not have a choice of ISP to use. Whether you trust them or not it’s a good idea to hide your IP address.
  • Make the Government Oblivious to Your activities and Lifestyle – Even if you’re doing nothing wrong, it’s a manner of privacy and your rights.
  • Hide Your IP Address and Sensitive Information From Criminals – Malicious actors use all types of attacks to gain information of value. Social security and banking information is at the top of their lists. If you deal in cryptocurrencies the stakes are higher. You do not want your IP address being tracked and you don’t want to expose sensitive information.
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How to Hide My IP Address – Stay Private

The two most common ways of hiding your IP address is by using a proxy server or using a virtual private network (VPN). The easiest method is to use a VPN.


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When browsing Internet sites and using online applications while connected to a VPN the connection is made through an encrypted channel. All information exchanged is done through a secure channel. Most VPN services offer monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

Who's Tracking My Ip Address?Who's Tracking My Ip Address?

It is important to choose a service that does not save any of the information that can identify you or your activities. The level of encryption is also important. A service with multiple VPN sites is desirable. A service that meets all of these requirements is Ivacy VPN. I have used this service for many years and it stands up against other services available. It has many features, including military-grade encryption and ultra-fast speeds. Ivacy VPN includes many unique features not offered elsewhere.

How do I hide my IP address with VPN?

Getting started is simple. Choose a service that meets your needs. Shop around, check customer reviews. a great service is  Ivacy VPN.

How to stop someone from tracking your IP address?

You can use a proxy server, a network like the TOR network, or subscribe to a VPN service. Check out the folks at thebestvpn.com for choices. The site has honest and in-depth reviews from real users.

Updated 01/11/2022 by Kirby Allen