How Students Stay Focused When Studying Online From Home

Stay Focused When Studying Online

Online learning is not new, but now it has become a necessity for many students. The outbreak of Covid-19 has forced many students to learn using methods and new technologies that they are not familiar with. Online learning takes a high level of discipline. it can be a challenge to stay focused when studying online. It’s a difficult environment to stay focused, especially for the younger kids.

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I completed both of my degrees online. My nephew recently started studying online and he told me he had a problem staying focused when studying online. When he asked me what my biggest challenges were when I studied online I really had to go back in time to pinpoint what they were. I began my first online degree back in 2012. Hopefully, the tips in this article can help you stay focused when studying online from home.

10 Tips to Help You Stay Focused When Studying Online

  1. Don’t Feel Overwhelmed — When starting anything new it can feel very overwhelming. Just remember within a short period of time it will be second nature. Be patient with yourself when first starting out. At the beginning of every online class always read the announcements. They are posted by the teacher for a reason
  2. Learn the New Technologies Needed — Get familiar with the online classroom and any other technologies that are new to you. Spend some extra time using the environment and the technologies required before your actual class begins. Keep an open mind and feel afraid to ask for help. Seek the help of an experienced online student if necessary.
  3. Be Creative With Your Workspace — Not only does your workspace need to provide a certain amount of privacy and be free of distractions, but it needs to reflect your personal style. Your space needs to be comfortable and quiet to help you stay focused when studying online.
  4. Maintain a Regular Routine With Scheduled Breaks — Even if you’re not required to be online at certain times of the day set a schedule anyway. Just like if you were attending class in a classroom, maintain a schedule. Take regular breaks to stretch, get some fresh air, or grab a munchie.
  5. Focus, Focus, Focus — That’s what this article is all about. Staying focused when studying online is not easy. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort. Concentrate on one task at a time. During your study hours turn your phone off and avoid social media.
  6. Have Some Fun — With the exception of certain online courses, most of them are not designed to be fun. It’s up to you to find some enjoyment during your studies. Classroom forums are there as a way for you to interact with fellow students. Keep a good attitude, and stay optimistic.
  7. Stay Engaged While Studying — It’s tempting to turn on the radio or the television. Don’t do it. Be the best online learner that you can be. Put the effort into your studies and you will be rewarded for it. Ask household members not to interrupt you during your online classroom hours.
  8. Maintain Self-Discipline and Self-Motivate Yourself — Set goals for yourself and work towards them. Online learning does not include somebody that can push you. You have to motivate yourself for your own personal satisfaction. Remember what a motive is: A motive is an urge inside of you, based on your desire to accomplish, earn, achieve, or obtain something.
  9. Accept the Need for Critical Thinking — Decision making and critical thinking are part of the learning process. The need for critical thinking in an online environment must be accepted. What you learn and what you accomplish will allow you to make solid decisions. Good decision making requires facts and experience.
  10. Be Able to Communicate Through Writing — Online studies involve communications that are nearly all written. Work on these skills. The ability to express yourself through written words is necessary when maintaining a focus while studying online. You may need to seek some specific training if you feel weak in this area.

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Time Management is Key to Staying Focused

Time management means different things to each person. The thoughts a person has about time management can be as unique as they are themselves. Without a time management plan that works for you your ability to stay focused when studying online will be diminished. Time management is all about your ability to manage yourself. You need to be totally involved in achieving your goals and making your priorities happen to effectively manage your time.

To Stay Focused When Studying Online You Must Learn to Manage Yourself

Remember, effective time management revolves around your ability to manage yourself. It’s about knowing your goals and priorities and making a plan that fits your needs and aligns with your schedule. As the days progress it is necessary to evaluate your plan to see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. Managing yourself will help you stay focused when studying online. The keys to managing yourself are:

  • Set Your Priorities — Everything is not important. Managing yourself effectively means spending your time on your priorities. Priorities are determined by your values and what’s important to you. Do not confuse urgent with important. Just because something is urgent does not mean that should be your priority. If you want to stay focused when studying online you must set your priorities based on importance, not urgency. This applies to both situations in your life or someone else. Remember, another person’s priority is not necessarily your priority.
  • Set Goals — Setting goals is a big part of managing yourself. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Adjust your goals as necessary to maintain the above five requirements. Managing yourself is knowing where you want to go in your life, and setting goals is necessary.
  • Plan and Schedule — Planning is a big part of managing yourself. Planning is the key to time management. It makes no sense to set your priorities and goals if you can’t make a plan and keep your schedule.
  • Take Action — You set your priorities and goals, you make a plan and set a schedule, no it’s time to take action. It’s easy to procrastinate or make excuses for not doing something. Manage yourself by making yourself accountable for how you utilize your time, enact your plan, and stay on schedule.
  • Address Challenges — Meet your challenges head-on. Figure out what is not working and fix it. Dig into the issue and determine why it’s not working. Managing time and managing yourself effectively is key to meeting your goals. It can be complex at times. Stay in a problem-solving mode, and stay motivated. The buck stops with you.

Addressing challenges, taking action, making a plan, setting a goal, and prioritizing will help you stay focused when studying online. Studying online has its challenges, but when you are organized and motivated enough you will realize that it also has many benefits. Don’t ever give up, stay focused when studying online, and watch your goals come to fruition.

John Rampton has some great tips for managing time. Check them out here.

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