How to Encrypt Your Email – What is Secure Email?

This article explains how to encrypt your email, and secure your email. Using secure email for your communications is important. Whether you use an encrypted email provider or encrypt your email by other means, you must maintain your privacy. Securing your email and messaging is part of practicing the best personal cybersecurity methods and habits. It’s important to consider security as a major issue and to protect your privacy.

Security is the technologies and methods that protect against unauthorized access to data.

Privacy is the act of protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive information.

When we first began using the Internet for daily business correspondence and chatting with our friends there was no way to secure our email or to encrypt our email. Everything we sent through our email was able to be read by anyone. There was no way to encrypt your email. Our messages were being sent in plain text, for all to see. Today there are several ways to encrypt our email and maintain our privacy.

What is encryption?

Simply put, encryption makes your text unreadable unless you have the encryption algorithm to unscramble the apparently chaotic and random characters. When you encrypt your email you are securing your communications.

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Always Encrypt Your Email and Protect Your Privacy.

Why you Should Encrypt Your Email

Even during a casual conversation with friends, there may be information that is part of an email that is sensitive in nature. Often in casual conversations, things like names, birthdates, and addresses may be included. Encryption and secure email are especially important when sending confidential information whether it is personal or business. With more people working from home it is important to utilize encrypted email.


Sending private email means using a secure email service provider and hiding your real IP address. Most popular email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo are excellent in their simplicity and storage but not so good in the privacy department.

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There are lots of ways to have a private email conversation. Every situation is different and may require a specific solution. Awareness is key. Always be aware of the environment you are in and the applications you are using. Privacy is important when using email, messaging apps, and browsing the Internet. By combining multiple methods you can create a safe and private environment.

How to Encrypt and Secure Your Email

How to Encrypt and Secure Your Email the Easy Way

  1. Use a secure email service provider. ProtonMail is free to use and quite popular.
  2. Register for the service to get your personal mailbox.
  3. Write encrypted emails even to non-ProtonMail recipients.
Due to the ease of use and high level of encryption, I had found this to be the best encrypted email provider and service.
free VPN and encrypted email

3 Ways to Send an Anonymous Email Without Being Tracked?

1) Use a temporary “Send Only” email service

This can be referred to as “Using a burner email”. It’s an account that gets deleted after a certain amount of time, or an account that requires no registration. These types of accounts are best suited for one-time use. They can help you fight spam and stay anonymous when using shady sites. A temporary send-only account can be found at Anonymousemail.

2) Hide your IP address

I always use a VPN and so should you. Using a VPN is no longer only for the technically advanced. They are not difficult to use. There’s really no excuse not to use one. There are many reliable and affordable VPN services available. A VPN will encrypt your connection and route it through an intermediary server, hiding your actual IP address.

Best Free VPN by Proton VPN

3) Use a discrete and secure email provider like ProtonMail

  1. Use a secure email service provider. ProtonMail is free to use and quite popular.
  2. Register for the service to get your personal mailbox.
  3. Write encrypted emails even to non-ProtonMail recipients.

Other anonymous email accounts:
  • Guerilla MailBest for avoiding spam. There are no sign-ups or passwords. There is only a box ID that you can change to whatever you want. All replies to emails you send will be in this box. They last for one hour before they are deleted. From within the box, you can open attachments, view the original source, and send replies.

  • Tutanota — This service claims to be the most secure email service available. Great way to encrypt your email. There is a free plan for individuals. Not only can you encrypt your email, but you can encrypt your entire inbox. Tutanota uses symmetric (AES 128) and asymmetric encryption (AES 128 / RSA 2048) to encrypt emails end-to-end.

  • StartMail — StartMail is a private email service developed by the creators of Startpage. They safeguard your data and email activity with state-of-the-art security and technology. This is a great way to encrypt your email. It’s a paid service but offers many benefits.

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