Why do College Students Use a Password Manager For Online Studies?

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Some college students use a password manager and it’s important they choose the right one. This article discusses important topics about password management and why good password management is important. It also discusses the features to look for in a password manager, and the level of security necessary. Read on to discover the best free password manager for college students.

Why College Students Use a Password Manager For Online Studies

College students use a password manager for online studies for security and convenience. Passwords are our first line of defense in protecting our online accounts. The average user has dozens of passwords to remember and manage. College students that study online are no different.

College students should use a password manager since they spend most of their lives online. College students have financial accounts, education accounts, and rely heavenly on the online world. It is essential with so much at stake for college students that they have access to a secure and efficient way to manage passwords. College students are also using password managers on multiple devices.

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As a college student myself I did a lot of research before I found the best free password manager. I needed one that I could use on all my devices, and that I could rely on to manage and protect all my passwords.

I’ve been using the same free password manager since a started my associate degree program 12 years ago. Since then I have used the same one during both my bachelor’s and master’s programs. No more lost or forgotten passwords…


I can’t imagine managing all my passwords in a secure manner without a good password manager. I have always used the Dashlane Password Manager, and will never switch. It has never let me down. Download it for free here. Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 reasons why I and other college students who study online use a password manager:

  1. No Lost Passwords — It’s can be frustrating trying to recover a lost or forgotten password. A good password manager will ensure you don’t go through the frustration of retrieving a lost or forgotten important password. Last thing you want when cramming for finals.
  2. Generate Strong Passwords — Password managers can generate strong passwords better than we can. It is essential to use strong and unique passwords on all of your many different accounts. A good password manager will create complex and unique passwords for each and every account.
  3. Encrypt, and Store Passwords — A good password manager has the ability to encrypt and safely store passwords. Never lose or forget another password.
  4. Auto-login on Multiple Devices — Password managers allow you to access your passwords on all of your different devices. Online password secure password storage also allows you access to your passwords even when you are on a public or borrowed device.
  5. Simple to Use — A good password manager is easy to use. They need to be simple to use or else you wouldn’t use them on a regular basis. The ease of use will be much appreciated during your busy lifestyle.

Why it’s Important to Always Use Strong and Unique Passwords

College students who study online are not alone when trying to manage multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Everybody faces the same challenge. If strong and unique passwords are not used across all accounts the consequences can be devastating. Although there are several ways a hacker or cybercriminal gets into an account, the most common way is guessing passwords.

When one of your accounts is compromised due to a weak password it can lead to loss of finances, sensitive data, and the ability to complete day-to-day activities. A compromised account can lead to identity theft and identity fraud. Passwords are our first line of defense against malicious attackers and it’s important the passwords we use are complex and unique to each and every account.

Most people are aware that reusing passwords is a bad habit. However, more than two-thirds continue to use the same password or a variation of that password. Even on important online banking accounts, they continue this poor password management. That’s no way to prevent cybercrimes against yourself. Use a password manager and protect yourself from cybercrimes. Lots of college students use a password manager for a good reason.

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Is the Google Password Manager the Right Choice For College Students?

Probably not! While it is convenient and handy to use, it may not be the most secure password manager. While it does offer a certain level of password security it is part of a larger suite of services. It’s a feature of Google’s infrastructure and uses similar protection measures that are used with protecting Gmail accounts and other user information.

Although Google promises to offer sophisticated physical and encryption security controls, they are not as transparent on how they protect our information as most companies that offer stand-alone password managers. The Google password manager also does not work on cross-browser platforms.

So if a college student studying online uses Firefox or another browser, it may not work. For these reasons, it may not be the best choice for a college student that wants to use a password manager.


How to Choose a Good Password Manager

Always consider each of the following when evaluating password managers:

  • Reputation — A tool such as a password manager is only as good as it’s reputation, and the reputation of the company behind it. Do a little research to find out how long the company has been in business and if it has experienced any past data breaches. Once you choose a password manager you will be needing it for many years.
  • Security — Good security means having a strong encryption scheme like a military-grade encryption method. 256-bit AES is what you look for. Also, the password manager should offer some type of multi-factor authentication along with a feature that allows recovery of your account if you lose or forget your master password.
  • Features — a password manager should offer the features you need that will fit the way you will be using it. Everybody is different but some features are a requirement for most people. They include End-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, password sharing, and password generation. And. of course a recovery method.
  • User Friendliness — Should have an intuitive interface and features that are easy to use.
  • System Compatibility — should be compatible with multiple platforms and multiple browsers. A good password manager will work on a variety of different types of devices.
  • Portability — A good password manager for college students should have the ability to make backups in a secure file or a secure USB drive. This allows you to use it on different networks, online or offline.
  • Pricing — Especially important for starving college students that use a password manager is affordability. A password manager can be free and still fill all the requirements that make it useful while offering top level security.
  • Breach Alerts — The password manager should be able to detect usernames and passwords that have been made available on the ‘Dark Web”, and other types of breaches. It should also have a feature that checks your overall password health.
  • And, most importantly! Ensure that the password manager you choose offers a way to setup multi-factor authentication. Also, ensure that it offers a recovery mechanism that allows using a passphrase or a third-party mechanism like a Yubi-Key incase you lose your master password.

Best Free Password Manager for College Students

Hands down, from personal experience, it’s the Dashlane Password Manager. I’ve used it during the completion of three college degrees and it has never let me down. It has all the features and it uses a very secure military-grade encryption scheme, 256-bit AES encryption.

The Dashlane Password Manager fills all the requirements above, and then some. When you try it you’ll like and learn to appreciate its functionality. It’s no surprise that college students use the free Dashlane password manager for online studies.

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7 Reasons to Use Dashlane Password Manager

Best free Password manager-for students and professionals

1) Excellent Reputation
2) Top Level Security
3) Loaded With Features
4) User Friendly
5) Compatible With All Devices
6) Great Pricing
Has recovery features, just in case…
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